Red Hill, Echo Park

A few weeks ago Alex and I dropped into Red Hill for a Sunday night dinner. It was our second visit to the recently opened restaurant, and once again Red Hill delivered. We chose to sit at the bar, which opens directly into the kitchen and allows for viewing the inner workings of the restaurant. The restaurant’s menu is constantly being tweaked and changed based on what is fresh, in season and available, which is always fun because it doesn’t allow one to fall into the pattern of ordering ‘the usual’. We began with a burrata and frisee salad, which was light and delicious- the creaminess of the burrata perfectly contrasted the frisee, and the fresh peas were bursting with flavour. Alex, wanting something light, chose halibut with pea tendrils and fregula; I went in the complete opposite direction and ordered black trumpet mushroom risotto. My risotto was simple and rich, and they certainly didn’t skimp on the mushrooms, which was appreciated. Alex’s fish was also great- the pea tendrils had a unique flavour that we both loved, and the lemon-tinged fregula was something new for both of us. We did find ourselves wishing for a bit more of a salty contrast on the fish to bring the dish out more, but it was still good without it. For dessert we had a Tuscan fruit and nut bar topped with a divine orange mascarpone and heaping dosage of thick, fresh cream. Jason, the owner, also brought us out some chocolate ice cream that he had just whipped up with his new ice cream maker, which was almost fudge-like in its consistency. Both desserts were incredible, and sent us over the top- so much for a light meal! Red Hill may be new to the neighborhood, but it’s definitely become a main stay, and has gained two more enthusiasts.


burrata with frisee, pesto and fresh English peas

Jason, the owner, at work in the kitchen

Halibut with pea tendrils, fregula and lemon

Black Trumpet risotto

Edible flowers, which top several dishes here

Tuscan fruit and nut bar with an orange-mascarpone sauce

Jason’s handmade chocolate ice cream

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