Mohawk Bend, Echo Park

The other day Priya and I went to Mohawk bend for a late night meal.  We had been wanting to go there for a while as it is around the corner from my house, however every time we had gone the wait was far too long.  So be warned, Fridays and Saturdays there is a long wait- get in early, save your place and then get some drinks at the bar.  The beer selection at Mohawk Bend is enormous, with about 35 taps and a different specialty beer every month.  Priya and I were seated out the back- the place is huge with high ceilings as it is a converted movie theater.  The menu is designed to share so we ordered several things.  We began with flatbread and several dips, they were all simple and good. We then moved on to french fries with togarashi, a kale and jicama salad and a pot of mussels.  Priya loved the kale salad, as she loves anything kale, however I thought it was a bit too sweet.  The french fries were standard, the togarashi being a mildly spiced ketchup, but still better than average.  The mussels, on the other hand, were delicious and steamed in a Thai inspired broth, served with some crunchy bread.  Priya is still not accustomed to the taste of mussels but could not stop dipping bread into the spicy, coconut-based broth.  All in all the meal was satisfying and the beer I ordered went down a treat.  Come here for a social meal that should meet most tastes, and if you have a taste for the amber liquid this is the place for you.


Flatbread with spiced roasted eggplant, olive tapenade, olive oil & dukkah

Fries with Togarashi

JJ Kale and Jicama salad

Carlsbad Mussels with fennel, vadouvan and cream

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