Yxta, Downtown LA

Last Wednesday was a beautiful day in LA, so Priya, my housemate Malcolm and myself decided to go to Yxta on strong recommendations from Priya who had had a quick meal there a couple of nights earlier. She had compared it to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Australia, Mamasita in Melbourne. So with high expectations we went to enjoy some great Mexican food for lunch in the sun.  We ordered several dishes and planned on sharing them.  Living in Echo Park, Malcolm and I are spoiled for fast, cheap and tasty Mexican food, Yxta sadly was none of these.  Every dish was lacking flavor and most were lacking texture too.  My favorite parts of the meal were the sides, the corn was tasty and the beans were also quite good.  The special of the day, the Mahi Mahi tacos were OK, however they lacked spice and I heavily contemplated asking for hot-sauce but refrained as it seemed like the kind of place that would take personal offense.  All in all Yxta was disappointing, each dish had potential, however none came through with the goods.  I will be sticking to El Flamin’ Taco…


Grilled corn with chili and lime

Special of the day- grilled Mahi Mahi tacos

Tostadas de Atun- Ahi Tuna, avocado, chipotle lime crema and fried cebollitas

Enchiladas Suizas with tomatillo sauce, cilantro lime rice and black beans

Enchiladas de Verduras with yellow mole sauce

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