Picca Peru, LA

YAY PICCA!! I’ve been wanting to go for ages, and last night Alex surprised me with reservations for my 21st birthday. We got there right at 7:45 and were promptly seated- even though it was a Tuesday night the place was packed, to the extent that I could barely hear our waiter over the chatter. We started with a bottle of Spanish white wine- it was fruity and light, and complemented the food nicely. We ordered several small plates that were brought out in varied succession- it took anywhere from 90 seconds to ten minutes between plates. We began with causa shrimp and chicharron de pollo- the delicate flavours of the shrimp and yuzu kosho guacamole were overpowered by the potato that was the base of each bite, however it still delivered a fresh pop of flavour. The chicken was incredible- lightly battered and served with a spicy rocoto sauce, and while some might think it is a little too simple in comparison to the rest of the menu I thought it was delicious and added some heartiness to an otherwise fairly light meal. Next was the anticucho black cod, which was our favourite plate. The cod was caramelized and charred beautifully- even though I’m still wary of fish I found myself savoring every last bit of this dish. Alex also ordered chicharron de costillas, which was a pork rib crostini topped with a variety of sauces- even though the flavours were good, Alex thought it lacked texture and wished it had been on the bone instead. The two veggie dishes we had were meh- the tomatoes were quite good but needed stronger supporting flavours and the artichoke was alarmingly watery; it’s aioli lacked spice…the dish was altogether a fail. However, we finished on a fantastic note- the pollo saltado had beautiful, strong flavour and the chicken was moist. The potatoes it came with filled out the dish, however we wished there had been more chicken instead. So, so delicious. The final dish of the evening was their signature churros with salted dulce de leche, dark chocolate and something else I don’t quite remember…we overheard someone at a neighboring table say “they definitely aren’t Taco Bell churros”…and they were right. These were tiny, warm and delicious, and each of the dipping sauces were wonderful and complemented each other well. Overall, we had a fantastic experience at Picca, and we’ll try and go back soon; it’s up for a James Beard award, and if it wins I forsee a reservations wait even longer than the one now!


causa shrimp with pickled cucumbers and yuzu kosho guacamole

chicharron de pollo with sasla criolla and rocoto sauce

anticucho black cod with crispy sweet potato and miso reduction

chicarron de costillas- crispy pork rib, sweet potato puree, feta sauce and salsa criolla

anticucho tomatoes with burrata and black mint pesto

artichoke with huacatay aioli and aji amarillo butter

pollo saltado with onions, tomato, ginger and papas fritas

bonbon churros

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