Mixed Bean and Corn Veggie Patties

It’s finally starting to warm up in LA, which means it’s time to get out the grill! We decided to make veggie patties from scratch, since store bought ones never quite do it for us. We began with the standard- sauteeing up a large onion and several cloves of garlic with olive oil.

Once the onions were thoroughly sauteed, I combined them in a bowl with one egg (used as binding) and a handful of chopped cilantro.

We then cracked open a can of black beans (Trader Joes’ cuban style, for extra flavour), a can of kidney beans and one full of corn.

I combined both cans of beans and about 1/3 of the corn in the bowl, as well as a diced capsicum.

I spend the next ten or fifteen minutes mashing the beans and spicing the mixture until it tasted just right. I used lots of salt and pepper, as well as chili powder, cumin, paprika and fresh lime juice. Don’t underestimate the importance of salt- I thought the mixture was lacking in flavour until I added a substantial amount of salt to it.

Once the mixture is spiced to your liking and the beans have started to lose their shape, add the breadcrumbs, which dry it out and make the mixture the perfect consistency for grilling.

While I was doing this, Alex was busy firing up the grill to medium heat. This way the patties will be cooked through but not burnt on the outside. Alex then wet his hands a bit and formed the patties in large, semi-flat disks. We then let them sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes so they could set. After that, we put them all on the grill, along with a few sausages for Alex’s gluten-free housemate.

It took about fifteen minutes to cook the patties through, we knew they were done when they started to slightly brown.

We then served them up, hot off of the grill! I had mine naked, with a side of fresh spinach to keep things light. Alex, however, had the works- a full burger with pickles, mustard and all of those other burgery things normal people add. These patties can be made in big batched and frozen if you like- they’re healthy and full of flavour, perfect for nice weather!


Mixed Bean and Corn Veggie Patties