Capsicum and Tomatillo Salsa

In the past few years I’ve grown to love Tomatillo salsa (aka salsa verde), and this is a fresh and vibrant take on the traditional favourite. I began by boiling three large tomatillos and a serrano chili.

While they were happily boiling away, I blended one small red capsicum with one brown onion, as well as two large cloves of garlic.

I blended these ingredients until they had reached a smooth consistency.

Once the tomatillos has been boiled properly (indicators are their skins turning brown and lifting away from the tomatillo, and the tomatillo itself going a little brown) I added them, and the chili, to the mix.

Once all of this was blended, we found it lacking, so we added a large handful of cilantro, as well as plenty of salt and pepper to taste.

The cilantro added the perfect amount of depth that we needed. We poured the salsa into a bowl, and stuck it in the fridge for 20 minutes to chill, since the boiled tomatillos and chili had made it unusually warm. After that, we topped it with fresh cilantro and served it alongside homemade fajitas! Delicious, simple and different- this salsa is a lovely addition to any Mexican meal.


Capsicum and Tomatillo Salsa