La Coupole, Paris

After a strong recommendation from my dad, Priya and I went to the institution that is, La Coupole.  A huge restaurant on Boulevard du Montparnasse in Paris with a rich history, dating back to the early 20th century.  We arrived at the restaurant twenty minutes after the time of our reservation and were informed that tables are given away if later than 15 minutes.  We were still given a table, in the middle row of the dining hall, with a great view of the Coupole (or dome) in the roof, which is painted… interestingly. In fact the entire place is decorated to a particular taste.  Our waiter spoke minimal English, and seemed a bit run off his feet, however menus appeared at our table.  Being France, Priya struggled to find anything vegetarian on the menu and decided on a salad to start followed by chicken and potatoes in a cream sauce. La Coupole having an extensive seafood range, and a Frenchman telling me that the oysters in Paris were the best in the world I had to take the seafood route. I began with a seafood platter that consisted of oysters, prawns, winkles and clams followed by seared bream fillet with green beans.  The starters went down well, however the mains were both bland and boring, both Priya and I needing to add salt and pepper; the desserts, however, were amazing.  Priya upon entering the restaurant had spotted an interesting looking dessert, a mango and lime soup with coconut milk ice-cream, needless to say she ordered that; I stuck to the original and the best, Crème Brülèe.  All in all La Coupole was a fun place to eat, however the mains were disappointing, eat there for a bit of fun in Paris, however if you have other recommendations or inside knowledge, go there first.


Mixed Green Salad w/ Confit Tomato, Artichoke & Parmesan

Cold Seafood Platter

Slow Cooked Chicken, Potatoes & Mushrooms in a Cream Sauce

Seared Bream w/ Green Beans & Spinach

Mango & Lime Soup w/ Coconut Milk Ice-Cream

Crème Brülèe