Bi bim BAP, London (Soho)

We went to Bi bim BAP in Soho to catch up with an old friend before heading to Italy, where we knew we wouldn’t get asian food for a while. We were both intrigued by the concept of the hot bowls that cook your food at your table, and we weren’t disappointed. Bi bim Bap is a simple eatery that would work perfectly for a healthy lunch during work or a casual dinner. We particularly enjoyed the chive gyozas and kimchi pancakes. Don’t be scared of the raw egg, it is the perfect binding to the dish, similar to egg mixed through an Indonesian Nasi Goreng.  Couldn’t recommend this place more for a simple, no frills, tasty, cheap meal. Get there.


Chive Gyozas

Kimchi Pancakes

Chilli Pepper Squid

Raw fillet beef bibimbap topped with raw egg

Seafood Noodles

Chilli Chicken Bi bim Bap

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