Wild Mushroom Pasta

Last week I revisited Borough Markets, this time with Alex in tow. We spent hours wandering through it, and just as we were leaving, a stand of wild mushrooms caught our eye. We bagged a large variety, and headed home to set about making a simple wild mushroom pasta. We started by cleaning the mushrooms- this should normally be done with a brush of some sort and not water, but since we didn’t have a brush we just quickly rinsed them in a colander and patted them dry, making sure all of the dirt was removed.

Next we chopped up half of one large white onion, and threw it in a pan with lots of olive oil and garlic. We let this saute until the onions turned translucent.

While I sauteed the onions, Alex chopped up one (very hot) bird’s eye chili and lots of fresh parsley.

We added the mushrooms and chili to the pan, and continued to stir. While this mixture was bubbling away we also started boiling water for the pasta.

Next we added a heaping spoon of double cream to the mushroom mixture. We then mixed it and left the sauce to thicken.

We added the freshly chopped parsley to the sauce at the very end, right before we mixed in the pasta.

Once the pasta was ready we added it to the pan. We used fusilli because it was what we had on hand, but tagliatelle is definitely more traditional.

After the pasta was all evenly coated with the mushroom mixture, we plated up, tossing fresh parsley and grated some parmesan cheese on top. Delicious!


Wild Mushroom Pasta