Sweet Potato Mash

Mashed potatoes definitely aren’t my thing- in fact they kind of creep me out. However, this sweet potato mash has plenty of flavour, and since it’s made with sweet potatoes, it is automatically better than any normal mash! First, I scrubbed two large sweet potatoes and then peeled them.

After peeling the sweet potatoes I cut them up into large chunks. The pieces don’t need to be perfect, but they should be somewhat even just so that they all boil through in the same amount of time.

While chopping up the sweet potatoes, get some water boiling in a pot. Once the potatoes are chopping and the water is steadily boiling, tip them in!

Let the potatoes boil until you can easily stick a fork through them, at least twenty minutes. After this, I transferred the sweet potatoes back to the chopping board to remove some black spots that had appeared during boiling- if yours look fine, skip this step. I removed the spots using a thin knife, a fork will do as well.

While cutting out the black spots, I started lightly sauteeing some chopped garlic, thyme and a red chili pepper with a bit of EVOO- use all of this to taste so that they best suit your spice preferences.

After that I added the sweet potatoes and mashed them, folding the spices through as I went. Next I added a dollop of creme fraiche for some added creaminess- if you are vegan feel free to skip this step.

Once the creme fraiche was stirred through and thoroughly blended, I continued to stir the potatoes to achieve the desired texture- if you want them smoother stir them longer and if you want them to have a bit of texture like these, don’t stir them much past blending in the creme fraiche. Overall, a simple and delicious side that compliments many meals- perfect for autumn and winter feasts!


Sweet potato mash served with thyme rubbed chicken, wilted spinach and roasted broccoli