Easy Kale and Capsicum Fajitas

These simple fajitas are perfect for lunch or a light dinner- they hardly require any ingredients, and only one pot! I began by chopping up three small tomatoes, slicing one large onion and dicing two cloves of garlic. I threw all of these into a pan with a bit of oil, salt, pepper, paprika and about two tablespoons of tomato puree.

I let all of this saute for quite some time until the onions had cooked down and a nice sauce had formed. At this point I added a chopped yellow capsicum as well as half a can of red kidney beans (black beans would be better but they are impossible to find in England!).

While all of this was stewing, I thoroughly washed some purple and green kale that I purchased last week at Borough Market.

I then chopped the kale into small pieces, making sure to leave on the stem as that is where most of the nutrients are retained. Once the kale was prepped, I tossed it in with the rest of the lot, and stirred the entire thing continuously until the kale cooked down.

I served the mixture straight out of the pot on a warm flour tortilla, and topped it with some freshly made guac and cheese (once again, a dish that can easily be made vegan simply by substituting in daiya cheese or having no cheese at all!).

It really is that easy! A ridiculously simple meal that yields fresh, healthy and delicious results.

Easy Kale and Capsicum Fajitas with fresh guacamole