Great Queen Street, London

Hmmm, where to start with Great Queen Street? My cousin chose it for his birthday dinner, and when we arrived, the place was packed. Luckily they had some spots downstairs at the bar, so we ordered drinks and some starters down there. I would have honestly preferred to have the entire meal downstairs at the bar- everything was very cushy and dimly lit. After taking a look at the menu, we decided to split a cheese plate, starter and main between the two of us. The cheese plate was wonderful- there was a fantastic stinky blue cheese that had a triple cream-esque consistency, a nice mellow sheep’s cheese and a goat that was firm and had undertones of mushrooms…a bizarre but delicious cheese that I’d love to revisit. They came with a house-made chutney that was a little too bitter for my taste, although my cousin enjoyed it. For the starter we had Jerusalem artichokes with parsnip and fennel- it was presented as a salad, which I wasn’t expecting. The salad came with purple cabbage, and had a strong mustard dressing drizzled over the top. All of the individual components were delicious, however altogether it was a little much. The flavours in the raw fennel and strong mustard dressing (there was no mention of mustard on the menu, and as someone who is just beginning to like mustard, this was a heavy hitter) were constantly competing- the dressing would have benefited from some honey to mellow it out. Luckily we were sharing the dish, it would have been far too strong for just me- I could only eat about a third of it! So between the stinky cheeses and the mustard-heavy salad, we were pretty set with intense flavours, and chose a ricotta-based main. The main was absolutely delicious- simple balls of ricotta and herbs cooked in a simple, fresh homemade tomato sauce. We both walked away from the meal not entirely satisfied, but we were definitely tipsy! Drinks at 32 Queen Street are cheap and tiny, but they definitely pack a punch! I think that I’d have to visit a second time and try some other options (although I don’t know how many there are, their vegetarian options are fairly limited) before making a final judgement- before the main I was ready to dismiss it as a mildly successful meal, but that tomato sauce was so simple and delicious, and made me want to go back and see what else the chef has to offer.


Cheese platter with homemade chutney

Jerusalem artichokes, fennel and parsnips

Ricotta and herb dumplings in a homemade tomato sauce

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