Apple, Banana and Blackcurrant Tart

My baking skills are severely lacking, so I thought Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to tackle my phobia! This apple, banana and blackcurrant tart/pie is incredibly easy to make (after all, I did it) and incredibly delicious. We started by combining almond meal, butter, flour, agave syrup and two eggs in a blender.

I don’t have any exact measurements on these because we weren’t exactly going by the book, but make sure that the mixture isn’t overly dry, as it will crumble and split, or that it isn’t too liquidy, as it won’t form a proper crust.

The crust should look fairly similar to this, and should be easily pliable with your hands. While we worked on the crust, we also got two apples boiling- not for too long, but just long enough to soften them up a bit.

As the apples were happily boiling away, we popped the crust into the oven at 200 degrees C. Then I started on the filling for the tart. I combined agave, butter and cinnamon in alarmingly unhealthy quantities, as well as a bit of water.

The result was a very watery yet delicious cinnamon mixture.

I added this to a pan full of pecans, and left it to bubble away and caramelise.

At this point the apples were lightly boiled, so my cousin removed them from the pan and sliced them, as well as a banana. We removed the pecans from the pan to cool, and added the apples, bananas, blackcurrants and the remainder of the cinnamon mixture.

After a few minutes the excess liquid began to evaporate, and the apples, bananas and blackcurrants started to caramelize as well.

Once a fair amount of the liquid had evaporated, we poured the mixture into the par-baked crust, and arranged the pecans on top. *DON’T ADD PECANS NOW, LIKE WE DID. instead, add them at the end when you are cooling the tart, so they don’t scorch.

We left the tart in the oven for several minutes (no more than ten, just be sure to watch it), and then removed it and left it to cool.

The tart/pie was surprisingly delicious! For completely playing this by ear, everything was really well-balanced. The fruit wasn’t overpowered by the sugary filling, and the almond meal crust was crumbly yet surprisingly moist. All in all, a successful guessing game when it comes to baking!


Apple, Banana and Blackcurrant Tart