Andre’s Cucina and Polenta Bar, Adelaide

The other night a couple of friends and myself went to Andre’s restaurant. The premise sounded great, Italian food designed to share.  We sat down and began looking over the menu, there were appetizers, three polenta options and lots of antipasto plates.  The chalk board contained all the mains, which obviously change frequently.  Our waitress talked us through the method to ordering, which simply was, order as much as you want and share it around. The pieces of meat are cut into smaller portions making them easier to share.  We decided on one pot of polenta, which ended up being Italian sausage and an antipasto platter. We then went for three mains. We chose gnocchi with a pork ragu, crispy baked pork belly with sweet and sour eggplant and sun-dried tomato puree and seared T-bone with pesto and sun-dried tomato puree.  The food was great. The antipasto platter, although simple was great to share and the polenta was nice, however I did expect more as the name of the restaurant was polenta bar.  The other options of polenta may have been a better choice, or for a little extra you can add toppings of your choice, which may have served us better.  The mains were delicious, the pork belly was crispy and moreish and not gelatinous like some pork bellies come.  The gnocchi was great and my friends favourite dish and the T-bone although simple was juicy and paired well with the sides. All in all we had a great meal, we took our time and savoured the company.  The food was relatively simple, but packed with flavour and worth the premium paid over regular Italian restaurants.  Definitely recommended. Oh and apologies for the photos, forgot my camera…


right: assagini misti – cured meats, olives cheese & crostini

left: polenta con salsiccia italiana e salsa

porchetta – roasted pork belly w/ sweet & sour eggplant & sun-dried tomato puree

gnocchi al ragu – gnocchi with creamy pork ragu

bistecca con pesto e balsamico – seared T-bone w/ pesto & sun-dried tomato puree

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