Lola and Simón, London

A friend and I stopped in for dinner at Lola and Simón for dinner last week. We weren’t too hungry, so we only had one course, but we were both definitely tempted by dessert! My friend ordered Milanesa Napolitana, which is flattened Argentinian beef, crumbled and fried and then topped with tomato sauce and cheese- essentially a beef parmigiana. She really enjoyed it and ate every bit, and I had a few bites of her salad, which was light and delicious. Since I couldn’t decide what I wanted, I went with the appetizer platter, which consisted of tomato, basil and mozzarella empanadas, mushroom risotto balls, marinated olives and hot provalenta cheese. Everything was delicious, but the amount of cheese was slightly overwhelming as a main- it would definitely have been better split between two people. But the risotto balls were perfectly balanced with plenty of cheese and mushroom, and the empanadas were puffy and deliciously flaky. The restaurant itself was adorable and cozy, and we were surrounded by lots of couples, many who had clearly been then before. Overall we really enjoyed the meal, perfect for an intimate date or slightly nicer weeknight dinner.


Milanese Napolitana

Appetizer sharing platter

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