Arancina, London

…and my recent pizza streak continues, this time leading me to the amazing Arancina. We went to Arancina for lunch last weekend, and the place was packed- always a good sign. Since I have a love of anything risotto-related, I ordered an Arancini ball stuffed with mushrooms and between three of us we got an entire pizza (called a pala), which consists of six slices. They also sell their pizzas by the slice, which would make a great meal on the go. After putting in our order we went upstairs and found a seat, and as we waited I started on my arancini ball. It was nothing special- the outer breading was too thick, in my opinion, and there wasn’t nearly enough cheese, which made it quite dry. On the plus side, the mushrooms were sauteed to perfection, and had a wonderful flavour. However, once the pizza arrived, the arancini ball was forgotten. The pizza (we went with a margherita with fresh buffalo mozzarella) arrived on the same paddle (for lack of a better word…) that they used to remove it from the brick oven. First off, the thing was MASSIVE…people were blatantly staring, (and possibly judging us) wondering how only three people could eat that much food! And second, I’ve definitely found my new favourite pizza place…the cheese was still bubbling, and the crust was so thin that we had to eat the inner pieces using knives and forks. The flavours complimented each other perfectly, and the drizzling of olive oil and basil rounded everything out. My friend who was recently in Florence was delighted with how authentic the whole thing was. And even though it was gigantic, because the crust is so thin and light we all found ourselves losing count of how many slices we’d eaten, and burning through the entire pizza. Aracina definitely set a new standard of what proper Sicilian pizza should be for me, and I can’t wait to go back! A must if you’re ever in London.


mushroom arancini- skip it and save more room for the pizza!

margherita pizza with fresh buffalo mozzarella

the olive oil and herbs rounded out the pizza- so incredible!

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