The Roof Restaurant, Luxor

We stopped in at the Roof Restaurant for a lunch break during a busy day of sightseeing in Luxor. However, it was hardly a break from the sights- the restaurant is famous for its beautiful views, and rightfully so. We chose a seat on the balcony, overlooking Luxor Temple and the Nile. I started with some fresh strawberry juice, and my friend had a strawberry smoothie. Both were incredibly fresh, flavourful, and full of strawberry seeds. We ordered a mix of items- taboula, falafel, hummus, cheese sambousek and kofta lebanese style, which is like pita stuffed with lamb. It came out after a slight wait, however I noticed that it came out from downstairs (where Snacktime, which is kind of like McDonald’s is housed) instead of through the doors that presumably housed the Roof’s actual kitchen. Perhaps the two share kitchen facilities, but it was a little discouraging to see our food come from a fast food kitchen all the same. We also received a serving of puffy pita-esque bread that was perfect for making little pocket wraps, which I did using the hummus, taboula and falafel. Everything was delicious, and for me the taboula especially was a welcome treat, its flavours were incredibly fresh and simple. The one complaint I had was that everything was slightly cold- it was as if they had let the food sit out for awhile before bringing it up to us. The only dish that this really affected was the sambousek- everyone knows that deep fried cheese is only delicious when piping hot! The pita would also have been better if it was warmer, but aside from that it was fine. Overall it was a good meal, very simple and satisfying. If they can tweak their system a bit so food arrives in a timely manner so as not to affect the temperature, it will be great!


fresh strawberry juice and smoothie

the view pt. 1

kofta lebanese style

sambousek- if only they had been hot! still delicious though

the freshest taboula i’ve had in awhile- soooo good


the view pt. 2