Maison Thomas, Cairo

In case it hasn’t become obvious by now, pizza is one of my favourite foods. Luckily, the friend I went to Egypt with shares that sentiment, and so when we needed a break from traditional Egyptian food, we naturally found ourselves searching out the best pizza Cairo has to offer. And we found it, at a small place called Maison Thomas in Zamalek. Shortly after we were seated at one of the bar-height tables, a waiter in a crisp uniform approached us for drink orders. I tried to order a hibiscus drink that I became obsessed with while in Egypt, but they had strictly Western options- coke, sprite, coffee etc. We each ordered a pizza- one margherita and one four cheese pizza, which was topped with blue cheese, gouda, mozzarella and goat cheese. After a short wait the pizzas came out, and we weren’t disappointed. They were fresh and had the perfect balance of sauce and toppings- the four cheese pizza was sectioned into quarters and had generous helpings of each cheese, which was appreciated. We were so pleased with the food that we came back a few days later- this time I ordered a margherita topped with fresh tomatoes and basil and my friend ordered a meat lasagna. Aside from the lasagna presentation (it came out in a foil container, which reminded me a bit too much of a Lean Cuisine meal, even though it was clearly fresh) we were again delighted with the food. Our only complaint was that the pizza could be left in the wood-fire oven a tad bit longer, the center of the crust was a bit mushy. But overall Maison Thomas was a pleasant change of pace from the usual Egyptian fare, and its pizza could rival many pizza joints in the US.


margherita pizza

four cheese pizza with mozzarella, gouda, blue cheese and goat cheese

meat lasagna with bechamel sauce

pizza with fresh tomatoes and basil