Bar du Marché, London

Last week I headed to Bar du Marché to catch up with my cousin and a friend. The French restaurant is tucked away on a street in Soho, amidst lots of bustling clubs and modern restaurants (Pix being one of them) but it clearly has a following- the entire place was packed, and the man who seemed to be running the show was greeting customers in fluent French and with a sense of familiarity. We ordered an ‘assiette de fromages’ (aka cheese plate) as a starter, and it was absolutely incredible. I haven’t had a proper stinky triple cream since getting to London, and all of a sudden I had four sitting in front of me- needless to say, the plate was wiped clean within a matter of minutes. Next came our mains, which were all delicious as well. I had a ‘vegetable risotto’, which was actually made with proper long-grain rice as opposed to arborio. I was expecting to get something very different than what came out, but I was satisfied all the same. The dish was fragrant and flavourful- it almost tasted moroccan due to the spicing. Some basic veggies- green beans, carrots, mushrooms, were worked through the rice and provided a nice contrast in texture to the rest of the meal. My cousin had steak with peppercorn sauce and fries- the few fries I managed to steal before he slapped my hand away were cripsy, piping hot and perfectly salted. If given the chance I definitely could have eaten a plateful of those alone! And although I can’t personally attest to it, I was told that the sausages his friend ordered were also wonderful, and I believe it simply given how quickly they disappeared off of his plate. We went through two bottles of house wine during the meal, which distracted us from the long wait between courses (we just had an appetizer and mains, yet the meal was two hours long). Not a place to go on a first date unless you’re prepared to deal with lots of awkward silences, but definitely a great spot for catching up with friends and enjoying some delicious, proper French food. The host was the life and soul of the place- his cheeriness made any annoyance with the wait we had disappear. I would recommend Bar du Marché to anyone looking for a more traditional meal in the Soho area, and definitely don’t pass up the cheese plate! I know I’ll be back for one or two (or five) before I leave London.


assiette de fromages

‘vegetable risotto’

beef sausages in a red wine sauce with vegetables

steak with peppercorn sauce and ‘pommes frites’

the restaurant was filled with cute details like these Cointreau candle holders

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