Crispy Skinned Salmon w/ Lentils, Mushrooms & Spinach

The other day I went down to Gulf Seafoods and bought a salmon fillet with the skin on. I had a can of lentils in the cupboard, so I couldn’t pass up on some sauteed lentils for the base of the dish. I first cut up some leek and garlic and sauteed them in a pan with a generous slurp of olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme.

While this was cooking away, I removed any obvious bones from the Salmon with a pair of tweezers and generously salted the skin. Using another pan I heated a bit of butter and oil on high. When the pan was nice and hot I placed the salmon in, skin side down to crisp.

As the salmon was cooking I added some lentils to the sauteed leek and garlic, squeezed some lemon juice over them and seasoned to taste. I then flipped the salmon after approximately four minutes.

I transferred the lentils to a warm bowl ready for serving.  In the same pan I heated a little more oil on high and added sliced mushrooms and garlic.

After a couple of minutes I added the spinach and left them to wilt, and then finished with a squeeze of lemon juice. The salmon was finished to my liking after a total of eight minutes of cooking.

I plated up with a bed of lentils, with the salmon on top and the sauteed vegetables on the side. I also spooned on dollop of pesto, which brought it all together.


Crispy Skinned Salmon w/ Lentils, Mushrooms & Spinach


– ensure that enough oil is used with the leeks and garlic as the lentils are more like a salad and need plenty of oil and lemon juice

– get the pan nice and hot before adding the salmon to make sure that the skin is crispy

– only warm the lentils through in the pan for a brief amount of time, since canned lentils are already cooked