Pix, London

Tonight I caught up with my friend Ella at a little tapas bar in Soho called Pix. The setup was different to anything I’ve seen before- they had an array of tapas out on the bar, and you just grabbed whatever you wanted and gave the waiters your toothpicks at the end of the meal to calculate the cost. We initially were just going to get drinks, but couldn’t pass up some of the delicious options they had on display. We each grabbed a few things and sat down with our drinks, and fifteen minutes in they brought out even more tapas! So of course we had to try the new stuff…and so the cycle continued. Everything we had was amazing- I particularly enjoyed the chili chicken in a cilantro crema, which had really simple flavours and was presented beautifully. Both of us had already had dinner so we didn’t eat too much, but I’ll definitely be back in the near future and make a full meal out of it!


the assortment of tapas available- they swapped out new ones every 15 minutes or so

they had a solid mix of vegetarian and meat options

i really wanted to try this ‘gazpacho martini’, but opted for a proper martini instead

fig and goat cheese bruschetta

i sadly didn’t get to this one, but definitely will in the future!

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