High Tea at the Liberty, London

Yesterday my friend Rosemary, her mother and I stopped by the Liberty in Oxford Circus for high tea. They stay open later than most places, (tea finishes at six opposed to four) so once we finished a bit of flea market shopping on Portobello Road, we headed straight over. We got there around five and the place was still packed- its clearly a popular place for tea. We put in our orders- Rosemary’s mom got English Breakfast, she got Peppermint and I got Rooibos. Everything was promptly delivered to our table within five or ten minutes. The tea came out with an assortment of pastries, finger sandwiches and other delicious British things, all of which we happily ate. The fruit tart that I had was particularly delicious- the crust was incredibly rich and buttery, the custard was smooth and mild and the fruit was fresh tasting and had lost none of its tartness. The scones were also a favourite, and the jam that came with them tasted homemade. Everything was simple and delicious, and we left the meal content and pleasantly full.


all of the food that accompanied our tea

the desserts were all delicious- the fruit tart and chocolate eclairs being standouts

sandwiches included cucumber & cream cheese, ham & mustard, salmon & cream cheese

rooibos tea- my camera insisted on focusing on the beautiful china instead of the tea itself

my two favourites of the meal