Celsius, Adelaide

We went to Celsius to check out their five course degustation, which is available M-Th at lunch. They were really accommodating of my pickiness, and made me a separate vegetarian degustation…which is always worth extra points in our book. We assumed the degustation was geared towards fancy business people, and were therefore surprised when we were the only people in the entire restaurant. However, the meal took nearly two hours…hardly an acceptable lunch hour meal for real people with real jobs. The courses all came out in a timely manner, and each dish was carefully explained by our waitress- a woman who refused to speak any louder than a whisper, but knew what she was doing all the same. The weakest dishes for both of us were the ones with consommè, (course one for Alex and course three for me) which was quite bland and did little to lift dishes that paled in comparison to the rest of the courses, both in creativity and flavour. All of the other courses were delicious- the Fromager D’Affinois mousse (course one) and kale (course two) both being standouts for me, while Alex loved the 62° egg so much that he ate both of ours (course two) as well as the tenderness of the slow-cooked lamb (course four). Each course brought something new to the table, and although quite a few of the dishes lacked strong, distinct flavours, they were all thoroughly enjoyed by both of us. So if you ever have two hours to kill around lunchtime in the middle of the week- we definitely recommend you stop by Celsius. Pictures below.


‘Hendricks Heaven’- Gin, elderflower, aloe vera, basil seeds and lemon

Course One:

Fromager D’Affinois mousse, carrot espuma, pumpernickel

Snapper ravioli with crab consommè and watercress

Course Two:

62° egg, kale, comte and potato

62° egg, prosciutto, almond croutons and fresh herbs

Course Three:

Onions many ways, parmesan, croutons and sweet consommè

Carmelized veal sweet bread, celeriac pureè, boudin noir

Course Four:

Brie de Nangis ravioli, cauliflower, carrot, peas and ‘flowers’

Slow-cooked lamb, carrot, peas, cauliflower and black garlic

Course Five:

Toasted strawberry custard with ice cream

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