the Italian Restaurant formerly known as ‘Capones’, Noosa

First off, if anyone knows the name of the little Italian place on Thomas Street in Noosa (it used to be called Capones), please let us know! We enjoyed a delicious meal there a few weeks ago, but by the time we got around to blogging about it, the name had embarrassingly escaped us. We chose the restaurant after wandering up and down Thomas Street for awhile, looking for something that would just be simple, filling and delicious. So naturally, we settled on Italian. We started off with a Bruschetta, which had a rather non-traditional look to it, but tasted wonderful all the same. The balsamic glaze on the bruschetta was delicious, and everything was perfectly seasoned. The cherry tomatoes were fresh and full of flavour, a perfect compliment to the garlicky bread. Next were our mains- risotto for me and seafood marinara for Alex. The marinara was disappointing- it was almost as if they had forgotten to make a proper marinara (with garlic, herbs etc) and instead had accidentally just dumped a pot of plain tomato sauce onto a plate of pasta. The seafood was decent, but overwhelmed by the bland sauce. However, I had more luck with my risotto. After substituting spinach instead of avocado (who seriously puts avocado in a risotto, or any sort of pasta dish?) the dish was pretty close to perfect. The risotto was incredibly creamy and tasty- it clearly contained plenty of garlic and herbs, the mushrooms added just the right amount of flavour, and the pine nuts gave the whole dish some crunch. We ended up reheating the leftover risotto in our campervan a few nights later, and it was still delicious. The service was nice and prompt, and the restaurant was packed with families and couples, lots who were clearly regulars. Worth a stop if you’re ever in Noosa, just don’t order the seafood marinara! Pictures below.

Bruschetta with vine-ripened cherry tomatoes

Creamy risotto with chicken, mushrooms, spinach and pine nuts

Seafood Marinara