Innocent Bystander, Yarra Valley

We stopped at Innocent Bystander for lunch during a mini-wine tour we took in Yarra Valley. To break the monotony (however wonderful it is) of wine, we both opted to start with some monteith’s crushed apple cider, which has been one of my favourite ciders so far. It has a really crisp, fresh taste with hints of cinnamon, and a lighter feel than a lot of other ciders floating around. We ordered two pizzas- a margherita and a wild mushroom with parsley and truffle oil. The margherita had a surprisingly small amount of fresh mozarella on it, which is something I would normally consider pretty disappointing. But one bite proved me wrong- the pizza was amazing! The sauce was peppery and full of flavour, the fresh basil gave the whole thing a wonderful aroma, and the drizzle of olive oil brought the whole thing together. Everytime we get pizza (which is weirdly often) I always insist on getting a margherita, and the one we had at Innocent Bystander definitely has set the bar incredibly high. Our other pizza was the wild mushroom, which was equally amazing. The mushrooms were sauteed to perfection, the parsley was fresh and fragrant, and the truffle oil melded the whole thing together beautifully. The ingredients were piled high, and I found myself happily eating fallen mushrooms off my plate when both pizzas were gone. The pizza bases were thin, but sturdy enough to hold up all the toppings; and the crust bubbled and crisped wonderfully in the wood fire pizza oven. The rest of our day is kind of hazy due to all of the wine, but this meal still stands out in my memory, for all the right reasons.


we are cider fiends

margherita pizza

wild mushroom pizza with truffle oil and fresh parsley


double nom

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