Newmarket Hotel Restaurant, St. Kilda

Today on a day trip to St. Kilda we ventured into the Newmarket Hotel for lunch. We had heard some great things about this newly renovated “gastro pub” and, being lovers of anything vaguely mexican, had to check it out for ourselves.  The interior was modern and the bar had a great selection of interesting cocktails by the pitcher, as well as several wines on tap. We started off with guac and corn chips – the guac was very tangy, due to the lime and jicama. We also had a serving of BBQ corn, which was tasty – quite mild but still very flavourful. It was also incredibly juicy, which made it quite difficult to eat (unfortunately there are no pictures of Priya with sauce all over her chin). Next up was a mushroom, spinach and mexican truffle quesadilla and crispy chicken wing tacos. The tacos were amazing (if not very Mexican), coming with a peanut mole that was essentially a glorified peanut satay aka wonderful. The flavours in the quesadilla melded together beautifully, however the tortilla was just a bit too oily for our taste.  All of this was complemented nicely with an almondy, ginger beer cocktail pitcher that had hints of lemongrass and chili. Pictures below.


Guacamole with taro, jicama and lime salsa

BBQ Corn with queso fresco and chili

Quesadilla with mexican truffle, spinach and mushrooms

Crispy chicken tacos with peanut mole

Quesadilla and tacos

“The Spice of Life”- Smokey Mezcal, ginger liquer, lime, spicy lemongrass and chili

wines on tap

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